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Our Kirtan Leader

Bhakti Shakti Kirtans are led by Kalyani Karen DeMarco, a devotee of Mata Amritanandamayi Ma, (referred to as Amma) the hugging Saint from Kerela, India. Amma blessed this Kirtan and empowered Kalyani to offer this group spiritual practice. Kalyani fell in Love with Sanskrit Mantras and chanting in community in 2001, and under Amma's teaching, continues to learn deeper spiritual understanding in her experience. Chanting, Meditation and Yoga are her everyday practice. Kalyani has developed a unique style of Kirtan leadership with One Voice Chanting (rather than call and response) and everyone attending becomes part of the Kirtan Choir. She also has evolved a style of co-leadership with Ken Bernstein and Gayan Gregory Long, who also lead out of their own personal mantra yoga practices, and continue the weekly Kirtan group meetings when Kalyani is away. Together not only are they talented dynamic musicians, they all have embraced Bhakti Yoga practice in our lives and continue to empower others to do so. Finding inner peace through sacred sound and meditation is something that they hold true to themselves in everyday life. They are honored to offer this new and ancient metaphysical path to everyone, in Love.

​​​​​​​Boulder Kirtan

Boulder Kirtan Bhakti Shakti Chanting is designed to be easy, relaxing, and uplifting. We want everyone to participate and drop into your Wholehearted Self. Bhakti is Love, Love of your own Divine True Nature, Love of God, Love of each other. Shakti is the Divine Feminine force that is our desire to know who we are, not who we think we are. These chants are Love songs to the Heart and Soul of our inner being. At Bhakti Shakti Kirtans everyone sings together all evening, and we choose chants with simple words and melodies so everyone can participate easily. We have written handouts so even folks that are not familiar with the words can follow along. 

Together we are learning to cultivate the ability to focus our awareness on repeating these Sacred Mantras without distractions from the mind and the world. With ongoing practice, eventually, this path reveals a new way to see everything, a new awareness of your body, mind, and spirit.   Namaste, friends. 

 “Sing from the depth of your hearts. Let the heart melt in prayer. The joy of

singing the Lord's name is unique.. These chants are for us to pour out

all our heart. Leave aside all shyness and open your hearts to God." -Amma

In Boulder we meet at the Vali Soul Sanctuary (formerly the Adi Shakti Yoga Center) out East on Valmont located on several acres of Nature Sanctuary. Most Sunday nights we have from 30 - 50 folks coming together to chant. Often we are accompanied by crickets and peepers singing us into deep peaceful meditations. 

The space is so beautiful with a modern cathedral ceiling that really compliments our One Voice Kirtan Choir. We serve tea during Kirtan and encourage everyone to bring snacks to share after and stay to meet folks and enjoy each other. Parking is in the field, and the entrance is around the back of the house. The grounds are filled with trees, gardens and a waterfall, really worth the drive.

We are continuing to grow and offering our style of chanting at more locations, as well as homes... check back for the latest.